"wow i can’t believe you’re so rude towards your parents" wow cant believe ur a PIECE OF SHIT


*deletes arctic monkeys post like it never happened*

it’s not embarrassing lmao, annoying music snobs need to shut the fuck up bc no one likes them :-) 
ur not good enough for any band just listen to what the fuck u want i bet if they werent this big no one would even say something rude about arctics but Wow! it’s not a band no one has ever heard of! I can’t like this song! what if SOMEONE FINDS OUT?? what will they do.. send me anon hate on tumblr.. I should start listening to pretentious unpopular weak ass bands no one gives a shit about bc that means im cool right.  HAVE U HEARD THE NEWS lohoanthony likes ARTICLE MONKEYS.. Arctic Moentks should open for one direction .. Anyway here’s wonderwall